Watercolorblast | April 30, 2016

Painting with Ken Karlic

I spent an afternoon in the studio of #grittywatercolors artist Ken Karlic in Bel Air, MD recently to add some painterly energy to my work. I quickly realized that my wet on wet technique was fine for my quick sketching, but that taking my work to the next level would involve some unlearning and relearning about the behavior of water and paint and its engagement with brush and paper. I’d say the afternoon was equal parts humbling and energizing.

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Outdoor Painter | July 21, 2015

Careful, Then Controlled Chaos

… Karlic does a fairly detailed underdrawing, and then freely applies washes, charging colors into one another and spattering and spraying water on the surface to create a sense of energy and spontaneity in the painting …”

… Karlic put this approach to good use recently at the Paint It! Ellicott City plein air event in Maryland. An industrial building vibrated with subtle color variations; two old trucks boasted convincing rust …”

"Careful, Them Controlled Chaos," Outdoor Painter article

“Careful, Them Controlled Chaos,” Outdoor Painter article

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Baltimore Sun | July 31, 2015

Ellicott City Again Reveals Her Charms To An Army Of Artists

… The melding of architecture and nature is something beautiful to behold in picture after picture, but then you come up against what might be described as an anti-pastoral picture: Ken Karlic’s watercolor “The Graveyard,” which is a clear-eyed view of a junked truck and scrap metal. This watercolor’s tones of gray and rust are carefully arranged and so there is an unconventional beauty here …”

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Baltimore Sun | Weekender | September 5, 2015

Physical Graffiti by Ken Karlic is on view as part of the Summer Plein Air Show.”

Baltimore Sun

Baltimore Sun | Weekender Section | Friday, September 5, 2015